Our Horse's Journeys

Helping Hands and Healing Hearts

Many of the horses we have come across in our work have found their way to us out of trying circumstances. With the help of some loving hands of our friends and community, they have been guided to their forever home in the golden pastures of GoldStar Stables. 

Whether the horse was headed towards a kill pen, or simply too much for an earnest owner, it is a well known fact that Judi & Mollie of GoldStar Stables will not let a horse go un-cared for.

Regardless of the horses past or medical issues, rehabilitation with the proper care, nutrition and love are the top priority.  Horses and ponies alike have passed through these gates with a variety of issues, only to find them months later, surpassing what anyone previously thought they were capable of. Horses that were never to run again, now galloping freely with new friends. 


Our very special case- Vamanos

At about 31 years old, our special senior Vamanos has become almost completely blind. It had become a hazard for him to roam free in the pastures, as he would often become distressed and confused. Not being able to keep up with the other geldings, he was returned to a safe guarded life in the stall with daily walks.

One of our staff and expert teachers saw an opportunity. She began working with Vamanos, teaching him verbal commands to help him investigate the world around him without his sight. Regaining some confidence, his demeanor became more calm and now she even rides him for short sessions! Bareback and simply a halter, she guides him with her voice every step of the way. The communication between the two is a beautifully built bond of trust.

Through patience, love, and most importantly, understanding, Bethany has given Vamamons a second set of golden years, and we couldn't be happier!