About Us



At GoldStar Stables, we are dedicated to rescuing horses from neglect, abuse, and abandonment. We work to improve the lives of the horses in our care by providing a safe haven for healing and rehabilitation, and by educating people in how to care for these beautiful animals through proper care, grooming, tack, and riding. 


Judi & Mollie

Having met many years ago, the two friends formed a bonded over their mutual love for animals, and their strong desire and instinct to provide the utmost care possible for their animals, no matter the circumstance.



It wasn't long before Mollie and Judi's  fast friendship and love of horses became the launching pad for a fully functioning Riding School and Rescue, . Their common passion for helping both horses and people became the foundation upon which GoldStar is built. 

Nestled in 70 beautiful country side acres, the women and their furry friends have found pasture paradise here at GoldStar Stables!